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eCarTec Munich 2012

Enesys exhibits charging technology for electric vehicles at the 4th International Fair for Electric- and Hybrid-Mobility eCarTec in Munich from october 23th to 25th in hall B1 on stand 701.

Logo eCarTec

E-Charge Fast-Charging Station iQ-PIT

This prototype of a 50 kW fast-charging station was developed to fulfil all present norms, like CHAdeMO or Type 2-plug connector. iQ-PIT has an uniquely compact housing. The vehicle to grid energy flow capability of this station allows for future use of EVs as decentralised energy storages.

Mobile Charging Station Tester EV-Dummy

This mobile testing device affords an on-site inspection of charging stations, using the CHAdeMO protocol. Being a current sink, the dummy emulates the behaviour of an electric vehicle and communicates with the charging station. Current profiles can be requested, error scenarios can be created and the correct operation can be checked. The dummy can be upgraded to fulfil every other norm.